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Companies, careers and jobs are all things we do but in the world we live in today it has become increasingly more evident that doing something solely for the sake of financial gain is not enough. A teacher may get a decent salary and a summer vacation but if their interest is not in the growth of the individuals who make up their class, no legacy or impact is made; their students have become a statistic. A large corporation may provide health benefits and employ many but if their practice is not ethical nor providing opportunities for the individuals working within the company to grow and excel within their skill sets, again, there is no legacy or sustainable impact to be made.

As the Merita family we believe that it is not as much about what you do but who you areOur kick off this season was centered around a deeper look into who we are and what we’ve been gifted with in order to keep our unique purposes the foundational component of everything in our lives. This ensures that who we are will always be at the forefront of what we do.

Along with accomplishing the personal purpose statements, the team also went through a set of questions and exercises to define what their core values are. Having a set of core values allows us to stay in check with any decisions that come our way; whether it be personal or business related, checking in with the core values we have set for ourselves keep us aligned with our direction and purpose. Core values are the traits or characteristics that we value most and will not compromise on so as we move through life, having this knowledge of self positions us for success.

Blessings to brother David Reeve for imparting this wisdom and sharing his passion and vision with The Merita Family; The message is now extending to our Young Visionaries in Africa.

Flower Confidence


Vanessa (Emcee Flower) Assolo Veronica’s Personal Purpose Statement:

To always use my position to inspire others to live productive and fruitful lives.



Photos by: Christine Michelle

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    • Thank you Slim for being such a great leader within the team.. You will definitely be ready to take on the teaching roll as we continue to build this community. Hotep in Merita :)

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