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Merita Movement Unleashing Dreams - Mina Tabei in Uganda

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“One day I will go to Africa, the place of my childhood dreams and teenage hopes,” done. “One day I will go back to Africa, the place of my future hopes and dreams,” done.

The great lessons I have learned in my life have been precisely those that my journeys in Ghana taught me.  My journey to Uganda, although much shorter in length then the first time I travelled to the continent, has left me face-to-face with my destiny.


As a founding member of Merita Movement, alongside Christine Michelle, I have been blessed to be given an opportunity to mentor some very bright young African visionaries (our students) in creative ways to help them realize their potential and ignite their voices. More specifically, the purpose of my trip to Uganda was to teach the “Unleash Dreams” curriculum created by the extraordinary David Reeve to four students:  Winnie Nansumba, Esther Mbabazi, Syda MC & Taye Mugizi-atayebwa who are each remarkable in their own ways. For the duration of the curriculum, the students and mentors all resided in one house which was a great way to really connect and be as productive as possible.


For our four young visionaries, the curriculum was instrumental in the discovery and understanding of their purpose in life. During the teaching and mentoring process, I was gratified that we stayed true and focused on Merita Movement’s core values in reconnecting the four chosen young African visionaries to their roots, awakening their dreams to full potential, restoring the vision for a new story in Africa and lastly, unifying their culture through creative approaches to community building. Aside from realizing my own core values, I now truly understand the importance of having a set of core values as they are pivotal to anyone or any organization’s overall success. I am confident our students will take positive action and impact their communities greatly because they will aspire to live up to those core values.


The renewal and growth I witnessed upon the completion of the program, not only for the students, but myself, was so beautifully encouraging. Teaching the curriculum was just as much beneficial for me as it was for the young visionaries. It enabled us to develop a daily discipline, taught us how to control our Self- Talk, rooted confidence within us and impeded in us to begin each day with optimism. For this wisdom, we have to continuously thank David Reeve and Bosco Anthony who have been diligently mentoring us prior to and during the teaching process.

The overwhelming love and positive energy that was flowing and will continuously flowing amongst these young people is endless. I spent every minute with love, grace & gratitude. The students and mentors all came from different walks of life, all having overcome personal journeys and made detours, but we all share a similar purpose in life and are heading for the same destination which deeply has connected us. The conversations and the endless words of wisdom from all participants, not just the mentors, reminded all of us what is really important in life and also that one cannot live a truly peaceful life without being of service to others.

One of the many heartening moments had to be when Taye said to me “I have never felt more free”. When I think about it, his words set me free, and I am forever thankful. “They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.” I now truly understand the meaning of this famous quote. The future looks so bright with the light of these shinning stars gleaming, and I cannot wait to witness their unleashed dreams blossom into reality.

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