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Merita Movement Unleashing Dreams - Esther Mbabazi

DSC_0013Life without a purpose is like a moving car with a flat tire. You may live life thinking it’s the order of the day not until you discover the power within; the power of the mind. I lived a life I called normal and happy until I went through the Unleash Dreams program. The whole package came in a perfect timing, a time when I needed to self discover. ‘It was just a dream, no big deal…’ I used to think of dreams as issues of the mind that will never surface. ‘It is a dream, its reality’ I now see the potential and strength in being a Dreamer.


I find myself among the four chosen students to Unleash their dreams, ‘…dreams are just dreams, nothing can make them a reality…’ That is what I had at the back of my mind. I didn’t know the attitude towards my dreams could become positive and strong. The environment was so inspiring, full of love, unity, peace and energy. We were all staying at one house throughout the program-the energy was incredible, there was no room for de-motivation at any time. Everything in the environment was cool and motivating; our mentors, fellow students and friends… It was wonderful staying at the house because this gave us an opportunity to know more about ourselves and the causes we stand for and it created more room for unity and support. It was so powerful going through the process with my brothers; Taye Mujuzi and Spyda Mc and it was a blessing to meet sister Winnie Nansumba of The Innocent League, she is such an inspiration.


Unleash dreams program helped me draw more inspirations, see opportunities and it gave me a platform to help others and help myself. I had forgotten how to dream, the negative self talk was putting me down. I had no core values in life…However, it all changed as we went through the program, We were taken through a process of re-visiting our minds, searching from within, self questioning and challenging. The hardest part was putting up my purpose statement; I knew what I wanted to be but I didn’t know my purpose of living; I hadn’t realized my call for life. I thank God for the Unleash dreams program, for helping me realize that call, that purpose in life.


My Purpose is “To reach out to diverse youth communities through knowledge as foundation for self realization and expression.”

And realizing my core values has helped me in controlling my decisions and movements. My core values are;

  • Love – Realize it, express it, be real with it.
  • Knowledge – Seek and share wisdom for life transformation.
  • Optimism – Maintain positivity to make dreams a reality.
  • Determination – Go for it, no matter what.
  • Selflessness – Be of services to others.

Living a purpose driven life is a great fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Living by one’s core values daily is so powerful.


Much love and thanks to my mentors and teachers in the program; Christine Michelle (Merita Movement), and Mina Tabei, it was a blessing to have each one of them as a part of my life. They all inspire, motivate and mentor me in different aspects of life. Much respect and thanks to David Reeve for creating this powerful curriculum, it is so moving, inspiring and self creating!

Having unleashed my dreams, I am a happy, inspired, contented, strong and motivated young African visionary who is already building her dreams and has a big positive self talk.

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